Hostspicy Affiliate Program

Tell your friends and users about us and get 10% recurring commission

How does it work?

Each affiliate gets a unique link and a choice of professionally-designed banners. Each referral that clicks your unique link is tracked with cookies for 90 days. Your referral counts even if they do not place an order right away and the purchase happens at a later date.

Get referralsLink your friends, family, and users to Hostspicy using your affiliate link!

Earn 10% CommissionYou will get 10% recurring commission for each payment made by your referrals.

PayPal PayoutsGet your commission quickly & directly to your PayPal account.

Please note that in order to be an affiliate and be able to get affiliate payouts, we require that your Hostspicy personal account information will be accurate (including full legal name, phone number and full address) at all times and that you do not use a proxy or a VPN of any kind while accessing your Hostspicy account. Not following these rules may invalidate your affiliate account and any pending payouts on it.

What do I get?

When someone makes a purchase on our website, you get 10% recurring commission. As long as your referred customer keeps their service(s) active, you will get 10% commission for their payment every time they pay.

Being our affiliate is completely free and payouts are paid out through PayPal after a 30-day hold period from the moment payment is received. If you are a Hostspicy customer yourself, you can apply your commission to your account as credit.

How much can I make?

We offer exceptional hosting services and we work hard on providing our customers with a perfect hosting experience. This means that we have very high customer retention time, or in other words, our customers don't like to leave us and so working with us as part of our Win-Win affiliate program means the potential for a long term recurring income.

So for example, if you refer to us someone who purchases a dedicated server that costs $100 per month, you will get a recurring 10% commission, which is $10 per month. If the customer prepays $1200 for 1 year in advance, you will get a $120 payout, as simple as that.

Keep in mind that we offer dedicated servers with price tags as high as $40,000 per year and VPS with price tags as low as $9 per month. Whatever your referral purchases, you will get the appropriate 10% recurring commission each pay cycle.

Use our professionally-designed banners

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Hostspicy - VPS Hosting & Dedicated Servers

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